Jumpstarting Mobile Learning through DIY Android Apps

In this video I talk about how to develop Android mobile apps yourself with no prior programming knowledge. The Android operating system (OS) is currently dominating the smart phone and tablet markets. The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) frameworks and the ease of use have made Android the most sought-after OS for use by mobile device manufacturing giants. With thousands of apps available through the ‘Google Play’ store, Android provides a feature rich experience to the user and has an app for just about anything imaginable. The substantial growth of the mobile device market over the past few years has caught the attention of many sectors including governments, industries and educators. The most notable development comes from higher education institutions (HEI) which are investing heavily in developing customized apps to facilitate content delivery, students support, information dissemination, social learning and assessment feedback, combined with learning analytics, to give their students that extra edge in learning.

Original source: http://aa-ou.org/jumpstarting-mobile-…


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