Red to Black Venom Lack, Red to Yellow Kills a Fellow: Enthusiasm or Patriotism as the German Flag flies High

(foreword from FIFA 2006)

A Coral snake differs form a Scarlet snake due to the fact that the Coral snake is lethal and the Scarlet is not. Yet both use the same Red, Black and Yellow colours to boast a sense of pride in their superiority and scream a word of caution in their deadly competitive spirit. Although the German flag stood for the metaphorical Coral snake half a century ago, today with the foot ball world cup its all good fun and competitive spirits as with the Scarlet. Thus the phrase “Venom Lack” is much more appropriate for the present even though a weary traveler could easily be intimidated by the brilliant sights, sounds and empty beer bottles which lay testament to the Blitz the Germans have had thus far in the world cup.

It is surprising and overwhelming to see the silhouette of red, black and yellow on every thing and almost every one that meets the eye. The German people have, after a long, rather shameful and most certainly painful six decades, have taken to heart that they are a very proud and competitive race at least in the world of football. One could argue that if a match of football was a battle, then Germany is at the forefront of a world war at this point in time. I remain at present, confident, that Germany would come out victorious on their home soil.

With the FIFA world cup, the German people have certainly opened up their doors and their hearts to the world. As with the golden sunshine pouring down form the heavens from dawn to dusk on a fantastic summer’s day, warming the cold and damp German earth, the German people have also warmed up to the outside world, a multitude of nationalities, religions and cultures. Thus they walk, play, sing, dance, cheer and drink as one in the spirit of foot ball, truly making the world cup slogan “Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden” or “A time to make friends” proud.

“Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious” they say and according to the rest of the world, Germany had proven this fact during the last century. Today it is a whole new and different ball game literally for today the budding patriotism is exhaled in a more constructive manner and thus changing the dark opinions of the world, regarding a majority of a mighty country.

Although a multitude of Germans cheer for other countries and other great teams like Brazil, a natural and inherent patriotism can be observed in the soft undertone of the loud hollers. This is in no means a bad thing for with a country, comes the love, naturally. In that love, Germany has erected monuments to the great achievements of technology, medicine and knowledge gifted to the world by the great minds of a great country. As the world sees Germany through a clear eye, banishing the gray filters of past prejudice, the bold monuments come to focus and tell a story of a great land and a much more humane people. Thus with the world cup and the open doors, Germany has once again regained its former glory as a country and a nation of proud people and rich history.

All flag waving aside, in beer comes people together. The wide screens and the exciting games are beheld by thousands and thousands of die-hard football fans every single day. Yet even amidst the deepest rivalry “Prost” is a common word heard and chanted by even the most hypnotic of football fanatics. Even though the German flag flies high in pride, it belongs to the mid summer winds and the heavens for on earth every one is enjoying a great German brew in a world cup – cup which proudly shows the golden beer through eight bright flags of compatriot nations. Thus in essence the world cup and the dissolved friendships are absorbed into every one through the great German beer.

In conclusion Germany has made an open and fantastic effort to change the opinions of the world regarding the common stereotypes. This effort has been as calculated, precise, accurate and punctual as the world-renowned German rail timetable and in my opinion the football world cup has been a blessing in disguise (the popular lion with the football). Thus even though the highflying flags and the football fanatic Germans seem intimidating, it’s mostly enthusiasm towards the world cup and not the stereotypical German patriotism. Thus to the weary traveler or the outsider, the only word of caution would be to watch out for the fantastically cold German beer, the excitingly warm German hospitality and a cross between a Coral and a Scarlet for In my opinion Germany has become one of the most friendliest and warmly open countries in the whole world during this extraordinarily colourful and crazy football season.


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