Cloud Printing on Wired Printer: Frankensteining PC to Chromebook (Part 2)

If you are a Chromebook user, you would know that it is next to impossible to print with the damn thing unless you have a WiFi enabled/Cloud-ready printer. Chrome OS had no support for wired printing when I first bought my Chromebook a few years back. Option one is to fork out over CAD100 to buy a WiFi enabled/cloud-ready printer so that the kids can print from their Chromebooks and option two is to figure out how I can Frankenstein my sub $30 crappy printer (after digging it up from the garage) to work with Chrome OS - I chose OPTION TWO. BTW, now that it is cloud ready, you can pretty much print on it from any computer connected to the internet through a Chrome browser. No fuss wireless/cloud printing using a crappy sub $30 wired printer which was dug up from a box in the garage.