Secret to building a professional network who gives a shit about you!

Building your professional network is a must to get a good job these days. Here are some pointers and lessons from my experience:

  • Invest in your network: Convert them from connections to friends. Spend quality time with them, not money. Take them out to your favourite roadside restaurant as opposed to a fancy one. Invite them to your home. Many people relate better to normal people at normal places with normal problems.
  • Continue to keep in touch: Touch base with them regularly updating them of what you are up to. Remember, these are friends now. You should take the effort to keep them informed of your professional as well as personal interests. At the end of the day, they are people too. This allows you to quickly filter out people who don’t have the same values as you – make sure you block them on social media.
  • Bitch but be consistent: we all bitch about work! Never trust the person who draws rainbows on the meeting room whiteboard. Bitching is accepted professional practice. However, only trust people who bitch consistently. Be aware of two-faced rats.
  • Block people: if someone is hurting your feelings, just block them on social media. Who the hell gives a shit about them? If they haven’t helped you in the past 1-3 years, they will never help you nor their help will be of any value. Block them and move on!

Life is short. Only surround yourself with people who care about you. Who the hell gives a stuff about the others!

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